Thunder Staffing is the Human Resources Partner to the Lake Elsinore Storm Baseball Professional Team since 2008!  GO STORM!

If you wish to apply for a job please come to Lake Elsinore STORM Stadium on Mon, Tues or Wed at 600pm ONLY during GAMES - check out for the game schedule.  We are not at our offices on non game days - walk Ins Welcome.

Ask for Thunder Staffing at the stadium Front Gate for an application.

MORE Valuable Information about working at STORM Stadium!!!

NOTE:  All hired staff will be expected to display a high degree of enthusiasm and customer service skills during your shift.  You will also be trained in sales and expected to interact with fans and promote the stadium's ALL STAR Attitude.  Every departments JOB DESCRIPTION includes these duties and you must be able to successfully fulfill these expectations.  You will be evaluated on maintaining these performance markers throughout your shift.

Most of the available positions will work around Sports and Extra Curricular schedules.

If you wish to join the ALL STAR TEAM you need to read all of the below:

  1. We hire ALL STAR personalities and that means keeping a smile on your face and a pleasant attitude throughout your shift.  
  2. We take FUN seriously and we want our fans to know it!
  3. Uniform compliance 100%
  4. Make sure that you follow all directives in email communications and always include your full name and phone number on emails 
  5. All positions require that you work outdoors and it gets very cold and very hot - the positions require you to stand or walk up and down stairs and in some positions run, you must be able to handle the physical demands.
  6. If you wish for more hours, send us an email.
  7. Show up to your shifts with a great attitude and plan to work hard.
  8. Do not use your cell phone while you are on shift – zero tolerance policy
  9. You are responsible to have the most up to date schedule - they are sent out a few days before each set of games
  10. While our employees are upbeat and engaging remember that this is a job and we expect a professional attitude at all times

NOW...if you can follow these 10 rules then read below...

Please check out for the game day schedule.  Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the home game schedule most departments send out their schedules a few days before each set of games..

IMPORTANT NOTES:  These positions are part time temporary seasonal positions.  Shifts are NOT guaranteed. If you need set weekly hours this is not the job for you.  Shifts are scheduled during home games and some special events.  Ticket Sales drive the scheduling of shifts and shift cancellation may happen several times a season.  Many times you may show up for your shift and be sent home after 2 hours OR you may be called off your shift the same day due to low ticket sales.  We will make every attempt to contact you if your shift is cancelled. Due to the above reasons - Applicants that have inflexible schedules or that live more than 30 minutes from the stadium will not be considered for employment.

Opening Weekend, Holiday Games and most Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday games are all work days.  No excused absences.  A no show no call for those shifts is cause for termination.  Other games/shifts require a call off no later than four hours before shift start time. 

You must be over 16 to be considered for hire.  If you are under 18 your must obtain a valid Work Permit from your school.  SEE BEOW FOR MORE DETAIL.

All positions pay $10.50 per hour and are seasonal part time temporary staff employed by Thunder Staffing and Business Development.   Pay dates are on the 10th and the 25th of the month - if a pay day falls upon a weekend you will be paid the prior Friday.  Pay Periods are as follows - shifts worked from the 4th until the 18th - pay day is the 25th and shifts worked from the 19th to the 3rd of the next month - pay day is the 10th.  We offer FREE Direct Deposit and we encourage everyone to sign up.

The majority of open positions require a Food Handler Card(FHC).  If you are hired for a position that requires a FHC you must obtain and turn into us before your first shift.  SEE below for more information.

Successful candidates must be able to provide two forms of valid identification during new hire paperwork at a later date.


The Food Handler Card must be turned into Thunder Staffing before you are placed on the schedule. The County of Riverside has a valid online certification for check the web site under Our Services then click on Retail Food Program and then click on Food Handler Card Testing.  It is $27.00 and good for two years.  Plus they offer free duplicates. 


If you are hired and you are given a date/time to complete your new hire paperwork, and 

If you are under the age of 18 you MUST obtain a work permit from your High School – GO to your high school counseling department pick up Work Permit Form – fill it out and bring to Thunder Staffing with your New Hire paperwork - TBA.  Thunder Staffing will complete the Form and then you will bring it BACK to the high school counseling Department and they will produce the Work Permit – bring the final permit back to Thunder Staffing.  You will be eligible for shift scheduling consideration ONLY when Thunder Staffing has this final form.


Thunder Staffing have been educating candidates on healthy and empowering job choices since 1986!

If you wish to be considered for job opportunities please send an email request to


FAX your resume to (951)678-7938 or Email to

*Ask Recruiter for details