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Seminars and Retreats in all areas of Business
Thunder has the experience of over 35 years of training seminars, in the fields of Management, Sales, Team Building, Human Resources,  Customer Service, Operations and Interviewing Techniques. We are the business partner you have been looking for to assist you in your next level of growth.
We have worked with large and small companies and 10,000’s of people many of our clients are repeat customers that have found the value of our camps and seminars.
If you are one of the many that believe that innovation and training can take your company to the next level then you need to contact Thunder today. Our staff of expert trainers, consultants and event/retreat design coordinators are standing by.
Some of our most popular events to date:

Business Development Seminars

" Top Team"

"Tops Customer Service"

"On Target Interviewing"

"Championship Sales"

Personal Development Training 

"Full Life Master Camp"





Hawk and his team at Thunder provided one of the most incredible and life transforming experieces for my staff.

His real life experience and obvious love of people coupled with his decades of dedication and application of his work makes him a rare and remarkable trainer/speaker.
I recommend him whole heartedlly and look forward to working together again in the near future.
David Wood 
Sr. Executive Training Consultant
Isagenix International


I have had the opportunity to work with Hawk (President of Thunder) in a number of settings and each and every time has been a greatly rewarding experience. Hawk is a very dynamic speaker who balances his teachings with a sense of humor that leaves you wanting more. I have done a lot of work in the area of personal development and have had the opportunity to work with many speakers in that and other arenas. Of all the people I have had an opportunity to work with, no one's teachings have stuck with me more, or done more for my life. Hawk's teachings are always a pleasure to listen to, and he gives you the tools to bring home into your life to practice with. It has been almost three years since the first time I met Hawk and I always look forward to the next time.

Angela D.
Asst. Field Operations Manager
Peak Potentials Training

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